Frequently Asked Questions: International Meds

Americans are allowed to import up to a 3-month supply of each of their medications for personal use.

No, you can call  or message us for pricing and we will walk you through the purchasing process from beginning to end.

All of our medications are of the saem quality, purity and potency as those available in the USA.  In fact, many of our medications are manufactured in the USA or produced by American companies in their International facilities.  Plus, all of the medications are government approved.  Due to USFDA regulations, generic medications are the same Ingredient as the original brand name drug, simply made by another company, so you may receive blister packs instead of bottles.  

Yes.  All prescriptions are reviewed and filled by government licesned pharmacists and physicians.

Yes.  Generic medications are of the exact same quality and potency as brand name drugs, but cost less.  To maximize your savings, with your permission, we will substitue generic drugs where possible, but even our brand name medications offer significant savings over U.S. based pharmacies.

Christian Healthcare Ministries does not share in the cost of medications, except where indicated in their sharing guidelines.  Regardless of whether the expense is shareable or not, you are still responsible for finding the best possible price.  If you have questions as to whether your prescriptions are a shareable expense, you should contact  them directly or call 800-791-6225 for assistance.  If your medications costs ARE shareable, we will provide you with the documentation needed to submit for reimbursement.

The best way to see is to price your individual medications by calling us or clicking here. In general, International mail order is best for your expensive medications.  Some generic and brand name drugs will be cheaper through your local walk-in pharmacy, in which case you can use your existing CHMRx card.  You can look up retail pharmacy prices right here.

Yes.  International medications can only be purchased through mail order.

Yes. A medical practitioner must have prescribed all medications ordered from us. To provide us with your prescriptions, fax us a copy of the original prescription to 216-274-9668.  Occasionally, an original prescription must be mailed.

We ask that you give your first order 4 to 6 weeks to be received by you, but most orders normally take 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the country of origin.  After that, we will reach out to you via email and phone to reorder in plenty of time to ensure you always have a supply on hand.

We take credit cards, but you can also mail us a check. Checks need to clear before the ordering process begins.  If budgeting is a factor for more expensive medications, we can ship and bill monthly instead of quarterly.  This will incur additional shipping charges of $9.95 per order.

Our free reorder reminder service will call and email you before your refill is due so that you can authorize your reorder.  We highly encourage you to keep track of your eligible refills, but we will also do that for you, and send a reminder when your doctor needs to submit a refill.

No.  Prescriptin medicines from Internation pharmacies are tax and duty free.  You pay only for your medicine and the shipping fee.  Occasionally, we will offer tracking if it is not included in the price, but you have the option to pay or not.

All your medications will be shipped to you for a flat rate per order of only $4.95 from our U.S. pharmacies and $9.95 from our Canadian and our other Internatinal pharmacies.  Therefore, we suggest you order all your medications at the same time to save even more.

At times, we are able to source these medications.  Shipping is typically more due to the need for special handling.  The best thing to do is to call us at 877-403-8233 or submit a price request.

You cannot order narcotic medications or “controlled substances” through International Mail Order.  You can use your CHMRx card through the US Mail Order pharmacies and our walk-In network pharmacies for controlled substances.