Drug Pricing

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The actual dollar amount you pay will depend on three factors:

1. Brand vs. Generic - Brand name medications are generally more expensive and are not deeply as discounted as generic. So if your particular brand of medication is offered in a generic it could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. If you are currently taking brand name medications, click HERE to see our upgraded plan that also includes discount dental, vision, chiropractic and hearing link to upgrade tab.

2. Which Pharmacy You Choose - Where you shop can make a huge difference in the price of your medication. Our new pricing page will allow you to shop store-by-store in our network of pharmacies. You might be surprised to see that some of your local pharmacies beat out some of the big name chains. You can use different pharmacies for each medication you purchase.

3. Does Mail Order help you save? - Some medications that are purchased on an ongoing basis may be less expensive through our mail order program. More convenient too!

Before you go to our drug pricing page, have the following information available:

1. The correct spelling of your medication - you can use generic or brand name and it will get the price of both. Be sure to double check the spelling if you are having issues.

2. The strength - this normally refers to the milligrams or "mg."

3. The dosage - you will need to know how many pills you take a day, for how many days according to your prescription.

4. The form of medication - is your medication in the form of a tablet (tab), pill, capsule etc.? It will say directly on the package of your medication.

Once you click HERE, you will be directed to our Points of Care network where you can shop by pharmacy to find the lowest price for your medications!

Drug Pricing

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